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Walk Steps Partnership

Creating a pedestrian-friendly community often means tackling the challenges to walking from several different angles at the same time. To address that reality, Sam Schwartz Engineering and America Walks teamed up to create the guide Steps to a Walkable CommunityThese resources featured tactics and case studies in multiple disciplines and integrated them with other emerging ideas.  America Walks is pleased to be able to offer the guides as part of our Learning Center and thanks Sam Schwartz Engineering for its continued support.

The tactics and case studies featured have been compiled into a guidebook and downloadable PDF for you to use as a resource offline as well. Download a free PDF of the guide Steps to a Walkable Community: A Guide for Citizens, Planners, and Engineers here. 

About Sam Schwartz Engineering

Sam Schwartz Engineering (SSE) is a leading traffic and transportation planning and engineering firm. Through their technical expertise, creative visioning and consensus-building, SSE solves highly complex traffic and transportation challenges for government, private-sector, not-for-profit and community clients all over the world.

Please contact SSE at info@samschwartz.com to learn more about their services.