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Your Stories allows you to share your successes and lessons learned with other America Walks members - and to benefit from their experiences. Use this section to upload your stories, pictures, videos, and more to the site, and become a contributing member of our learning community. Any materials that are submitted to America Walks will be credited appropriately.

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Wednesday Walkers: Taking a Walk on the Wild Side of NJ

The Kittatinny Valley State Park "Wednesday Walkers" group was born on Wednesday, October 7, 2015. During that walk, the group of 10 completed a 2.33 mile loop through the park in a little over an hour. In the almost four years since that auspicious ...Continue reading

Lynn G.

Andover, NJ

Walking in Edmond, Oklahoma

I started a walking group in Edmond, Oklahoma. So far, only one person has joined me and that's ok. However, I look forward to more people joining our walking excursions. Starting a group helped me be accountable to myself to walk every day. I am a R...Continue reading

Kelly N.

Edmond, OK

Develop Strategic Partnerships

Seeing African American walk in the Vicksburg National Military Park was rare. Seeing a mixed crowd of black and white walkers in the Vicksburg National Military Park was not always the case. My name is Linda Fondren, an African-American. They call m...Continue reading

Linda F.

Vicksburg, MS

Walking Makes Us Healthier

At the beginning of 2017 at age 62 I wanted to become healthier. I designed a walking program . Walk 100 miles , then 200 miles, then 300 miles and then 400 miles. As a result I walked 1000 miles, lost 11 pounds 171 to 160, achieved a score of excell...Continue reading

Tom A.

Maywood, NJ

Right of Passage – 4th Graders Walk to Wellness

For the past 25 years Moore Elementary School in Franklin TN has conducted a "right of passage" for the graduating 4th graders. We have completed this project which consists of training for 8 weeks after school four days a week and then completing a ...Continue reading

John P.

Franklin, TN

Out of The Rabbit Hole!!! A Coast2Coast Walk

I am attempting a U.S. Hiking Record by walking 1.8x across America to raise awareness for all Veterans!! We are 2Labsandahuman @searanger3 on Twitter. This Epic Attempt involves pushing our Ark of Hope!!! We are writing a couple of books at the end ...Continue reading

Craig C.

Afton, OK


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – About 120 trails enthusiasts observed National Trails Day by attending the June 3, 2017, dedication of new interpretive panels that will turn the popular Indian Creek Trail into a “hike through history.” The first four pan...Continue reading

Henry F.

Overland Park, KS

Coast2CoastWalk @2Labsandahuman

My Labradors have shown me the timeless value of walking!! We walk together everywhere and meet so many wonderful people in our journeys!! The couch is no place for us!! Growing up in a military family (Father-USAF Retired) I learned the health and s...Continue reading

Craig C.

Saucier, MS

I Chose to Walk Again

In October of 2012, after a decade of dealing with an medical issue that had gone undiagnosed and untreated, I lost the ability to use my legs for walking or standing. I would also spend then next year imprisoned in my second story apartment, never o...Continue reading

Levi M.

Mount Hope, WV

Walking to Work

Walking at work is a great starter to get moving, I have incorporated walking to work. The basic thing is I get up about 15 minutes early. I take the bus part way to work. When I get off the bus I walk 1/2 mile to work one day and 1 mile the next. I ...Continue reading

Mike P.

Harrisburg, PA