March 2018

March 28, 2018- New Report Looks at Designing for Inclusive Health Grantees
America Walks is excited to release its latest report, a look at the work being done by the three communities who last year received Designing for Inclusive Health grants. The grants were made in partnership with NCHPAD. Read the report here.

March 24, 2018- New Blog Series: Walkable, Roll-able Accessible Events: Setting the Stage for Possibilities 
Including people with disabilities is a social, moral and legal obligation for event planners, and it makes sense, as well as cents. Learn about our new partnership with disability rights advocate Juliette Rizzo to help make sure all fans have an opportunity to celebrate. Read more here.

March 22, 2018- America Walks Statement on Pedestrian Fatality in Tempe, AZ
The first pedestrian fatality caused by automated vehicles earlier this week in Tempe, Arizona, is a stark reminder that our work to create communities where walking is a safe transportation option is far from finished. Read about our take on what happened and what we think we need to be mindful of throughout the investigation. 

March 20, 2018- America Walks Receives 2018 Road to Zero Grant
America Walks, in partnership with UNC Highway Safety Research Center, is honored to have been selected to receive one of the 2018 Road to Zero grants awarded by the National Safety Council earlier today. Read more here.

March 15, 2018- America Walks to Host Webinar on Transit-Walkability Connections
Learn about the success that transit and walkability advocates can have when they work together on the April 11th webinar, Making the Case for Transit. Learn more and register here.

March 13, 2018- America Walks Boards Member Speaks Up for Safety
In a recent blog post, America Walks board member, Kevin Mills, writes about the need for safe streets in all communities. Read the post here.

March 9, 2018- America Walks Executive Director on Automated Vehicles
Automated vehicles may have the opportunity to address many of the challenges facing today’s cities, including accessibility and traffic congestion, , but no matter their development, the re-thinking in how we use our streets and providing all users equal access to the street will improve our community quality of life. Read more of the statement here.

March 5, 2018- America Walks Responds to GHSA 2017 Numbers
Last week, the GHSA shared its first numbers on 2017 and it seems as though little has changed- an estimated 5,984 people were killed compared to 5,997 people in 2016. Read our statement here.