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Measuring the Pedestrian Streetscape

This webinar will introduce participants to the Microscale Audit for Pedestrian Streetscape (MAPS) tool that can help communities assess the activity-friendliness of streets, sidewalks, and crossings. Anyone interested in walking and finding ways to create safe, walking environments should join this webinar.

The MAPS audit tool is based upon 10 years of observational research and can help communities identify the types of micro-level design elements that will result in increased walking for children, seniors and families. These built environment factors are based upon the evidence. The audit tool has been streamlined to 15 items so that community members can accurately use it and results can be easily calculated.

You will be given an overview of the tool; and presenters will outline the most promising ways for communities to use it. Some of the MAPS studies will be presented, including examples of how the audit results have been used. As well, the type of training needed to best conduct this audit will be discussed.

Measuring the Pedestrian Streetscape from America Walks on Vimeo.