Promoting America Walks

Meet Laura Shipman

We’re thrilled by the depth and breadth of experience that makes up our board of directors and hope you’ll enjoy learning a bit more about these thoughtful, insightful walking advocates.

What’s your day job and how do you think your professional experience fits in with the mission of America Walks? 

I work as an urban designer and community planner. Creating a vibrant, comfortable and well-connected public realm to encourage walking is central to what we do as planners and truly aligns with the mission of America Walks.

In a sentence or less, describe why walking matters to you.

Walking is fundamental to my daily life as a means of commuting, exercising and unwinding.

Name one thing anyone can do to make their community more walkable. 

By walking themselves as often as possible. Having more foot traffic on the street encourages retailers and motivates others to join in.

What’s your favorite place to walk?

I recently moved to Downtown DC and love walking to explore my new home.

If you could go for a walk with any living person, who would it be? 

My mother. She is a source of calm and endless wisdom, and is a great partner for a long walk.