Case Studies

Minnesota: Complete Streets

The Minnesota Complete Streets Coalition has had remarkable success: Minnesota passed a Complete Streets policy in 2008 and then turned Complete Streets language into law in 2010. To date, 25 communities within the state have adopted Complete Streets policies. The Coalition’s success can be traced to the strength of its partnerships, which it has cultivated by proactively reaching out to potential skeptics, such as engineering associations, and untraditional allies, such as the American Lung Association, in addition to logical supporters, such as the Twin Cities Bicycling Club. The result is a 70-plus multidisciplinary member base that can effectively speak to the benefits and concerns raised by Complete Streets concepts. The Coalition continually works to expand the Complete Streets movement. It provides free online advocacy and policy toolkits for communities interested in building support for and passing local Complete Streets policies. But passing a law is only part of the challenge—the law also needs to be implemented. To that end, the Minnesota Complete Streets Coalition partnered with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) to help the state agency amend transportation design standards and policies and routinely implement Complete Streets in its streets projects.

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