America Walks is established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit national organization, leading the way in creating pedestrian-friendly, safe spaces for people to walk and move.


Membership grows to sixty groups and America Walks expands to provide increased member services, share best practices across the nation, and serve as a forum in which members could come together to advocate common goals.

Early 2000s

An annual Congress is established to further the discussion and work of the group.


America Walks develops and adopts its first federal policy platform, titled “A Pedestrian Agenda for TEA-3.”


America Walks continues to grow and joins with other national organizations. They provide webinars as part of the Safe Routes to School program, partner with local groups to host and promote regional conferences, and continue to provide an important voice in the ped-bike safety arena.


America Walks charts a new direction and adopts a new three-year strategic plan for the organization focusing on broadening organizational partnerships.


America Walks hires Scott Bricker as the organizations’ first Executive Director. Scott helps grow America Walks into the leading national organization it is today. New partnerships and strategic planning allows the organization to become increasingly involved in the national conversation while maintaining its origins as a resource and forum for local advocates working to advance walkability.


Growth in the organization culminates with the 2013 National Walking Summit, hosted by America Walks with support from the Every Body Walk! Collaborative, where 400 walking advocates, government representatives and policy professionals came together to discuss the current situation and ways to move forward into the future.


The America Walks network boasts hundreds of allied organizations who across the nation are working to increase inclusive mobility for all people who walk and move. America Walks continues to make great strides as it works to promote equitable, safe, and accessible walking conditions for every community.