New Advocates

Module 4: Developing Leadership (July 27 – August 7)

Module 4 Topics:
  • Self-awareness, facilitation skills
  • Community engagement, creating a vision
  • Forming an organization, governance, non-profit status
  • Fundraising/grantwriting, financial stability/growth
  • Strategic planning
Study Materials (5 Hours): 
Leadership Skills
Organizational Development
Community Impact

Community Tool Box (University of Kansas)Explore this extensive resource for Study Activity #2, and specifically read:

  • Chapter 3, Section 3, Conducting Public Forums
  • Chapter 8, Section 1, An Overview of Strategic Planning
  • Chapter 42, Section 4, Applying for a Grant
Webinar: “Building Your Fundraising Leadership Towards Walkable Communities” (Mon., July 27th at 11am-12noon Pacific, 2-3pm Eastern):
  • Speakers: Brighid O’Keane, Interim Director, Alliance for Biking & Walking and David Weinberger, City Partnerships Director, ioby
  • Summary: Whether you’re growing an advocacy organization or supporting community efforts to enhance walkability, it’s essential to plan for and pursue diverse funding sources. Join presenters Brighid O’Keane, Interim Director with the Alliance for Biking & Walking, and David Weinberger, City Partnerships Director with ioby, for this fast-moving webinar, which will highlight top tips for major revenue streams for pedestrian advocacy and introduce resources to sustain your work. Topics covered will include grant writing, local fundraising, and earned income.
  • More info. and to register here
Study Activities (2 hours):
  • Complete the Collaborative Leadership Self Assessment Questionnaires
  • Explore the Community Tool Box and specifically read Chapter 42, Section 4, Applying for a Grant
  • Search for grants to fund the work you would like to do and develop a list of top prospects
Discussion Forum (2 hours):

Since “facilitation skills” are an important component of this module, each Walking College Fellow will facilitate about ten minutes of this Discussion Forum on one of the following prompts:

  • Prompt #1: What do you understand about “collaborative leadership?”
  • Prompt #2: What interested you most during your exploration of the Community Tool Box?
  • Prompt #3: What are the key steps to take to develop an effective strategic plan?
  • Prompt #4: Discuss different types of funding available for your work.
  • Prompt #5: Talk about you grants research activity and prospect list.