New America Walks Webinar: Why Walking?

Webinar Title: “Why Walking”

Date and Time: Thursday June 18th, 2015 at 1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific

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About the Webinar

America Walks’ summer series of webinars has been designed for the 25 appointed Fellows of the “Walking College,” but is open to the public.  The first webinar in the series, “Why Walking?” takes a foundational look at the practice of walking and the history of walkability.

Jonathon Stalls, Founder and Lead Itinerant with Walk2Connect, will lead off with a discussion of “walking as a practice” – as distinct from walkability and the work of advocacy. He will draw from his own experiences during his 8.5-month, 3,030-mile “Kiva Walk” across America in 2010 and showcase several organizations, including Girl Trek, Walk with a Doc, and his own Walk2Connect, that emphasize walking as an experiential activity, and the healing power of walking. Jonathon will also present initial results of his Centers for Disease and Prevention-funded research into the rapid growth of walking groups, clubs, and programs, in recent years.

To counterbalance walking as a practice, Jim Stone, biologist and Executive Director of Circulate San Diego, will describe the history of walking for transportation in his presentation, titled “The Ecology of Walking.” Starting with human beings’ unique adaptation to bipedalism and millennia of successful and healthy mobility, Jim will examine the impact of the invention of the automobile at the turn of the last century and the host of unintended consequences thereby triggered. Finally, he will use this analytic background as a framework for understanding recent trends that appear to signal a decline of the car-centric culture in the developed world.

This webinar is the first in the “Walking College Webinar Series.” Later in June and July, walkability experts, Dan Burden and Mark Fenton will, respectively, discuss built environments that encourage walking and policy approaches for changing communities.

About the Presenters

34265_419547304867_174895474867_4414887_4825274_n-300x275Jonathon Stalls
Founder, Walk2Connect
Jonathon Stalls’ life mission to “help others grow, heal, and thrive around the endless benefits of walking.” In 2010, he completed his 8.5-month, 3,030-mile coast-to-coast “Kiva Walk” across America, and founded Walk2Connect, which works with individuals and organizations to transform walking “from a choice to a behavior to a lifestyle.” As Walk2Connect ‘s Lead Itinerant, Jonathon has now facilitated hundreds of walking trips covering thousands of miles throughout the state of Colorado. Jonathon resides in the North Park Hill neighborhood of Denver and was recently appointed to the Mayor’s Pedestrian Advisory committee for the City of Denver. He holds a BA in Design & Entrepreneurship from Metro State University.



Jim Stone Bio PhotoJim Stone
Executive Director, Circulate San Diego
Jim Stone brings an ecological perspective to the issue of transportation, tying together the impacts of walkable, transit-oriented communities on the environment, human health, social justice and the economy. As Executive Director of Circulate San Diego, Jim has engendered a culture of innovation, leading to new ways to engage stakeholders and gather input, such as a smart phone app. that crowd-sources data about walking conditions and provides walkability ratings for every city in San Diego County. Other innovations include a pilot program for walking prescriptions and a mini streetscape where children learn pedestrian skills. Jim holds a BS in biology from Southern Connecticut State University and an MA in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from the University of San Diego. He is a Board Member of California Walks.

We are grateful to the Centers for Disease Control, American Public Health Association, New Jersey Department of Health, and Every Body Walk! Collaborative for sponsoring this program.