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New Webinar: “Developing Leadership for Walkable Communities”

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Date and Time: Thursday, June 30th at 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

Webinar Host: Ian Thomas, State and Local Program Director, America Walks

Presenter: Guy Williams, President and C.E.O., Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice

About the Webinar

On June 30th, Guy Williams, a national leader in environmental justice, will share his expertise on developing leadership with this year’s Walking College Fellows and a general America Walks audience. In Webinar #2 of the Walking College Webinar series, titled “Developing Leadership for Walkable Communities,” Guy will recall his experiences in the early days of the environmental justice movement and describe his realization that certain people suffer injustices related to where they live, because the rules were set up that way. He will explain that, if you want to improve outcomes, you need to understand the regulatory framework and then work with allies and non-allies to change it. Guy is passionate about walking and experienced in the physical infrastructure and connectivity that create walkable communities. A member of the Board of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy for 13 years, he served as Chair from 2013 to 2016.

About the Presenter

Photo-WilliamsGuy Williams is the President and C.E.O. of Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice. He is also the Principal and Founder of G.O. Williams & Associates, L.L.C., strategic advisors for sustainable community and environmentally related programs. A well-known national leader in the environmental justice movement, Guy Williams excels in developing community programs that value effective collaborations among business, government, and community interests. His success in guiding a program’s strategic development, supporting its funding, and directing its implementation is a hallmark of his accomplishments. Named the 2014 Michigan Green Leader by the Detroit Free Press, Guy is the recent past Chair of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Board of Governors and Chair Emeritus of the Great Lakes Leadership Academy Board of Governors. He also serves on the Advisory Board for the Center for Urban Responses to Environmental Stressors.

With thanks: We are grateful to the Centers for Disease Control, American Public Health Association, and Every Body Walk! Collaborative for sponsoring this program.