New Webinar: There’s A Walking App for That (May 22, 2018)

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Webinar Title: There’s a Walking App for That

Webinar Date/Time: eiday 22, 2018 at 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific

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About the Webinar

Many are talking about how technology will influence the shape of our cities and what we define as walkability, but what about the technology that will influence how we walk as a physical activity? Today, apps are available to track steps, plan routes, and even provide tunes for the trails. Hear from three experts working to bring technology to one of the most common forms of physical activity on what’s out there, what’s coming, and how it can make walking more safe, accessible, and fun! This webinar is intended for our more experienced advocates as well as those just getting started on the walking path.

Attendees will of this webinar:

  • Learn about how existing apps can add to the experience of walking
  • Hear exciting ways technology is being used to get new people to start walking
  • Receive resources and recommendations on how to use technology in their own work of walking groups and clubs
About the Panel

Kim Fassetta is the Chief Marketing Officer for AfterShokz. Kim’s passion for making AfterShokz a household name is tireless, and she takes pride in fueling the team with positive energy daily. As the publicist honored with launching the brand back in 2011, she’s been tied to the company’s growth from day one and is personally committed to changing the way people use headphones.

Kim’s career in the consumer technology industry started one week after graduating from University of Delaware, at NAPCO Media, managing marketing and events for several arms of the trade publishing house—with the CE group capturing her heart. Two years later she made a cross-country move, from Philadelphia, PA to Phoenix, AZ for the opportunity to handle public relations and communications for DBL Distributing Inc. Prior to DBL’s sale, she moved just a few zip codes away to OmniMount, to serve as the brand manager for both the consumer and commercial divisions in the company’s prime. In 2009, a personal move took her to Texas, and social4media—the boutique public relations firm she co-founded—was born.

As the CMO of AfterShokz, Kim oversees the brand’s global marketing strategy and sales in North America. She’s guided the course from its introduction, helping AfterShokz to find its place in a crowded headphone landscape—now, proudly and confidently, the leading bone conduction headphone manufacturer globally.

Though a Jersey girl at heart, she’s come to love the Texas Hill Country she calls home with her husband and son. She’s a reader, tries to be a runner, and enjoys anything that’ll take her outdoors and off-road in her Jeep.

Jason Marsh is the CTO at NextFlex (America’s Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Institute), a public private partnership between industry and the US Government to advance manufacturing and solutions around flexible electronics, the key enabling technology behind “wearables” and “smart clothing”. These platforms help us bring data and a scientific approach to health, wellness and exercise.  The team at NextFlex has worked on human sensing and measurement technologies for everything from high performance athletes to clinical medical environments to military needs.

With a background in robotics, artificial intelligence and machine vision, Jason has developed a variety of technologies from satellite applications, 3D printing of metals and ceramics, production automation and advanced microelectronics. He has served on advisory boards and consulted for companies in a wide range of industries from artificial intelligence to outdoor equipment to solar power to agriculture.

He is passionate about advancing electronics towards a future where function follows form and our electronics integrate into our lives seamlessly, providing intelligence without requiring us to wear cumbersome and uncomfortable devices or products.

Selina Tobaccowala is the co-founder and CEO of Gixo, a new, innovative live coaching fitness app designed to bring a healthy lifestyle to everyone from anywhere (no matter where you’re starting from).

Prior to Gixo, she served as the CTO and then President at Survey Monkey from 2009 to 2016. Under Selina’s leadership, Survey Monkey grew rapidly to become the world’s dominant survey company online with 16 million surveys processed per day. Before Survey Monkey, Selina co-founded Evite, the pioneering online invitation service, and held senior engineering roles at Ticketmaster, where she oversaw European engineering and product operations.

Tobaccowala also serves on the board of directors of Redfin, a $1.8 billion dollar full-service technology-enabled real estate brokerage that went public in August 2017.

She graduated with honors from Stanford University with a B.S. in Computer Science.