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New Webinar- Walkability: The Health and Wellness Equation

Webinar Title:  Walkability: The Health and Wellness Equation

Date and Time: August 6, 2015 at 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific

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About the Webinar

Walking is more than basic transportation and recreation; it is the key to health, longevity and affordable living. If we want more equitable communities–accessible–then walking must become a natural activity again. In this session, Dan Burden, one of the early pioneers in North America’s walkability movement–coining the terms ‘road diets,’ ‘walking audits,’ ‘photomorphs’ and inspiring Complete Streets conversions–will address the link and bond between walking and health.

In 2014, Dan and his associate, Samantha Thomas, became full-time employees of Blue Zones, LLC. Dan and Samantha, are helping Americans ‘back on their feet’ by supporting cities and towns in redefining their path for wellness through walking and active transportation. Today, 23 Blue Zone Project communities  are putting people back into the heart of city making; cities are for people first and foremost.  These cities are focusing on the shift from non-sustainable, automobile-driven designs back to the human foot–a smaller, more equitable and economical footprint– through policy and on-the-ground change.

Learn the strategies and steps that are making towns, of all sizes, healthy and accessible to all again.

The steps towards more walkable, healthy, livable communities will validate many of your own thoughts, after all they are based on common sense, patterns, and science, all which have lead to best practices and strategies that produce real [positive] results. Whatever level of engagement, if you are one of the pioneers or new to this craft, you will find benefit in this presentation and exchange.

About the Presenters

dan-burden-200x193Dan Burden is the newly-appointed Director of Inspiration and Innovation at Blue Zones. In May 2014, the White House recognized Burden as one of the top ten Champions of Change in Transportation, also named by TIME magazine as “one of the six most important civic innovators in the world,” and his peers at Planetzian list him as one of the 100 most significant urban thinkers of all time. Dan has relentless energy and has personally helped 3500 communities throughout the world make their means of transportation healthier, more active and affordable. Many of Dan’s streets designs and town centers are now celebrated in numerous publications and books and, of course, everyday by the millions of feet utilizing his designs.

Headshot_SamanthaThomas_cropSamantha Thomas is the Built Environment Manager, co-facilitating walkability with Dan Burden, active-living, safe routes to schools, and neighborhood traffic calming workshops. Working with the community, she develops community-led action plans spanning from Kauai, HI to Long Island, NY. She received her degree in Urban Design from the University of Minnesota. Samantha works to inspire residents and leaders alike to start any public project with an understanding of their shared values as the foundation for creating great public spaces.

About Blue Zones

 Blue Zones employs evidence-based ways to help people live longer, better. The company’s work is rooted in The New York Times best-selling books The Blue Zones and Thrive—both published by National Geographic books. In 2009, Blue Zones applied the tenets of the books to Albert Lea, MN, and successfully raised life expectancy and lowered healthcare costs for city workers by 40%. Blue Zones takes a systematic, environmental approach to well being that focuses on optimizing policy, design, social networks, and the built environment. The Blue Zones Project is based on this innovative approach.