New Webinar: Walking into the New Year (January 8, 2020)


Webinar Title: Walking into the New Year

Webinar Date/Time: January 8, 2020 at 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific


About the Webinar

Walking and moving is a great way to change the health and wellness of an individual and a community with a single step. This webinar will explore programs and partnerships that help to get community members moving, improving the physical, mental, and social well-being of all. This webinar is intended for those just starting out on the walking path as well as those interested in learning more about the topic.

Attendees of this webinar will be able to:

  • Give examples of how individuals and communities are promoting walking and walkability.
  • Describe specific programs being implemented to increase walking and physical activity.
  • Discuss ways advocates should be engaging with topics related to this work.
About the Panel

Pam Jiner is a community organizer who is striving to improve health and wellness in her community with initiatives to promote physical activity.

Working as a representative of GirlTrek, the largest health movement for Black Women and Girls in America. Pam has recruited over 140 Black women to join the network and improve their physical, mental and emotional health. Having lived in Montbello for 45 years, Pam takes pride in her community and is an advocate for equitable city maintenance and has led efforts to ensure the safety of city streets, sidewalks and parks while promoting outdoor activities.

As a result of hosting “Walking Audits” and including many of Denver’s decision-makers and city planners, Pam’s efforts inspired the development of RTD pedestrian wayfinding signs, CDOT installation of sidewalks and many other structural walking improvements. She is the Director of the Montbello Walks community-based health initiative, that leads weekly group walks, the Senior Steppers walking group, facilitating outdoor activity, engagement and connectivity among senior citizens. Most recently she hosted the 2019 Senior Olympics/Community Field Day Event as inspiration and motivation for community movement, which will be an annual community event.

Pam Jiner is interested in improving the physical, mental, and emotional health of her community, and hopes to inspire healthier lifestyles with her work to keep the neighborhood safe. “We must prioritize time to get outside and walk away from daily stress to practice self-care,” she says.

With plans to install sidewalks, improve sidewalk ramps, create safe access to public schools and parks, and advocating for traffic calming devices, and installation of protected bike lanes, Pam hopes to create a pedestrian friendly environment where children and adults have the freedom to walk, run, bike, and play safely. Her efforts to ensure an equitable environment reflects her desire to protect the community she loves and serves.

Pam Jiner also recently completed the America Walks – Walking College Fellows 2019 Program and feels confident in her abilities to impact change.

Walk with a Doc David Sabgir. (Tim Johnson/CEO)

David Sabgir, M.D., a Columbus, Ohio, native and full-time cardiologist at Mount Carmel Health System, founded Walk with a Doc in 2005 after becoming frustrated by his inability to affect behavior change in a clinical setting.  Many years later, Dr. Sabgir continues to personally invite his patients to walk alongside him as a Walk with a Doc leader.

As CEO of Walk with a Doc, Dr. Sabgir cultivates a strategic vision for the organization, develops vital partnerships and educates others about the medical benefits of movement and social connection.  He absolutely loves Walk with a Doc and sees it as an important next step in care of our communities.


Larry Smith founded the German Village Walking Club in 2015 after he and his wife sold their house in the suburbs and moved to downtown Columbus to live their empty-nester dreams! German Village is an historic neighborhood just south of downtown Columbus. The walking club’s goals are to get more people moving in the urban core, showcase Columbus’ cool downtown parks and neighborhoods, and give back to the community.  Smith, a chemical engineer by training, is a leading expert in Brownfield redevelopment. His particular focus is helping small communities in Ohio turn run-down and abandoned properties in the urban core, back to beneficial reuse such as parks and mixed-use development. When not working or walking, Smith loves to travel with his wife to visit their two adult children and families in Chicago and Vermont.