New York: Pop-Up Galleries

Founded in 2009, the nonprofit group No Longer Empty produces curatorial-driven, site-specific temporary art installations and programming in vacant sites around New York City. The installations serve as a catalyst for community building and economic development. While No Longer Empty has canvassed neighborhoods looking for suitable vacant spaces, thanks to its growing reputation, property owners now approach the organization with potential sites for consideration. No Longer Empty looks for sites that are close to transit and provide a neighborhood narrative to inspire art exhibitions and community programming. The nonprofit works on the timeline of its available real estate: Three to four months for the preparation of the installation and its associated programming, and one to three months for the exhibition itself.

No Longer Empty’s current exhibition at the Andrew Freeman mansion in the Bronx has single-handedly created a cultural hub out of a former void: More than 2,500 visitors appeared for its opening, and, thanks to ongoing programming, the project averages about 200 visitors a day. Pedestrians who used to have to walk down a long, grim stretch of the mansion’s perimeter fencing now have more company on the sidewalk—and a friendly art installation of flowers woven into the iron fences poles—to make the walk more appealing.

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