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Grassroots Community Change Projects Enhance Walkability Step by Step

These three women are Verde’s Living Cully Walking Group leaders in Portland, Oregon. They all complete neighborhood clean-ups during their twice monthly walks, picking up trash, reporting illegal dumping and graffiti, and keeping the area safe and clean. The leaders all received professional neighborhood watch training through the City of Portland’s office of civic engagement to keep their community thriving.

Their steadfast presence in making the community safer and more accessible for low-income Latinx folks to be physically active has also cultivated key partnerships. They’ve expanded their walking route to other areas to break down active transportation barriers so more people can walk and enjoy their neighborhoods.

This is just a peek at one of the 18 projects we awarded funds to this year through our Community Change Grants. These catalytic grants go towards unique walkability projects to spark equitable grassroots change. Read about other highlights of the program and see what our local walking champions are up to at the ground level.