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Walking, Moving and Connection in a Time of Social Distance

At America Walks we know that it’s been a trying time out there for all of you. We are grateful to still have one of the most important things available to us as a tool for navigating our physical, emotional, and communal health in the face of our current situation – walking and moving (at safe social distances of at least 6 feet).

Walking and safe places to walk – we need them now more than ever. As parks close, using our sidewalks is one of the few ways we can continue to be active and manage stress. We are delighted by the stories that we are reading about how families and communities are connecting during this time of social distancing through walking and moving, finding creative and safe ways to take back their streets.

The support continues for the walking movement across the country, from the Rainbow Walks that have popped up in various neighborhoods, to GirlTrek’s Solo Trek challenge, to the collective realization that walking and other forms of active transportation may be one of the safest and healthiest modes of travel for yet another reason.

At the same time, we recognize that barriers to walking and moving are highlighted in these challenging moments. Too many communities lack access to safe and inclusive conditions that prioritize people who walk. We are still working tirelessly to support the work that changes this.

On the blog, read more on why we think social distance walks are an essential activity right now and borrow from our list of ideas and resources for how to navigate self care through walking: Managing the Uncertainty of the COVID-19 Outbreak through Walking.