On the Sustainable Path

America Walks believes climate change is one of the greatest challenges currently facing the world and one that, if we do not take action now, will have dire consequences for future generations.

Our work to make America a great place to walk is not limited to sidewalks and safe crosswalks. Our vision speaks to something bigger, to provide safe, healthy, and sustainable environments for all people. We use words such as livable, walkable, and active to describe these communities, but we could use another phrase— environmentally sustainable .

Research shows that as of 2015, 27% of all greenhouse gases result from transportation. For every trip we turn into a walk, a bike ride, or using public transit, that number will be reduced. These actions are things that all individuals can do in their daily lives, regardless of decisions made on international agreements. It is our mission to make active transportation a real option for communities across the US and to encourage community members to make the most of these opportunities.

Walkable communities are environmentally sustainable, encourage people to drive less, move more, and engage with nature. America Walks works to create these communities across the US, providing resources, technical assistance, and online education to community change agents on the walking path.

We cannot do this work alone. We hope you will join America Walks in our efforts to create walkable and sustainable communities.