Pedestrian Advocacy Toolkit

The “Pedestrian Advocacy Toolkit” was developed and distributed to all paying members, helping America Walks become one of the leading organizations for local advocates in the walking community.  The toolkit provides best practices and case studies on a range of topics of value to America Walks member groups, such as organizing a non-profit, engaging the public, promoting policy effectively, and designing pedestrian infrastructure. America Walks members continue to make a huge difference in their communities, and we’re more than excited about the future difference we can all make together. Stay tuned and keep in touch!

Best Practices and Advocacy Tips

Many municipalities believe pedestrians are adequately accommodated since current standards are met on all streets. Counter this apathy with data and cutting edge approaches. This extensive catalogue of techniques, case studies, and other resources shows you how.

America Walks’ Toolbox for Pedestrian Advocates

Our classic toolbox was designed, gathered, and written by America Walks members. Subjects include how to change transportation policy, successful activities, organizing and running your group, and effective communications.