State Walking Networks

The State Walking Networks program (SWN) is designed to build and strengthen the resources, capacities, and collaboration between local and state agencies, organizations, and advocates in order to create safe, accessible places to walk and move for all people.

Current day community health requires us to think in systems and operate in networks. Advancing the policies and environments that support active healthy living, safe streets, equitable access/mobility, and a reduced carbon footprint requires organizations from multiple sectors to work toward a common goal – they need to be networked, and they need a broad, systematic understanding of all the elements that influence choices and behavior. Local active transportation advocates understand how the built environment is created and how to use their influence to push for decisions that will create and sustain safety. SWN will link state and local organizations and individuals focused on increasing walking and creating places where walking and movement is safe and enjoyable in every community, especially those experiencing greatest disparities. These networks will use their collective influence to improve the systems that make walking and active transportation unsafe, and develop the supports and infrastructure for implementing walking groups and partners throughout the state networks.  

Current Participants

  • Arkansas: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • Idaho: Idaho Transportation Department, Idaho Department of Health, Idaho Walk Bike Alliance
  • Maryland: Maryland Department of Health, AARP Maryland
  • Minnesota: Minnesota Department of Health
  • Nebraska: AARP Nebraska
  • South Dakota: South Dakota Department of Transportation, SDSU Extension, South Dakota Department of Health