Right of Way in the Crosswalk

Walking across the street is one of the most basic functions of life in a big city or small town, but can also be the most dangerous activity done each day.

In order to arm advocates, America Walks and the law firm Swanson, Thomas, Coon, and Netwon have developed:

Overview of the Legal Problem and Solutions

In virtually every state, law enforcement lack the tools to enforce crosswalk laws because there is no “legal trigger” to make the cars stop, other than actually walking out into the street (killing zone).

In Oregon 2011, an unusual partnership of activists created and successfully passed into law a definition that allows a pedestrian, or bicyclist, to make the cars stop without entering the killing zone. They did not “change” the pedestrian law’s language, rather added a short legally enforceable definition including the key concepts we needed.

Read the article and download the legal database. Also visit the STCN website for information on pedestrian law.