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Speak Out Against “Distracted Walking”

America Walks has been discouraged by the increase in media attention and legislation addressing so-called distracted walking as a source of pedestrian fatalities. This narrative is victim-blaming and a distraction from what we know causes people to lose friends, family, and neighbors on a daily basis. Poor street design, improper speeds, and a culture that prioritizes cars over people have created a landscape that continues to unnecessarily endanger the most vulnerable users of the public rights of way.

We encourage our network to stay vigilant for this kind of messaging in media and elsewhere. To help in this, we have created a sample letter that can be used to as a template to contact publications, editorial boards, and other outlets. We have also collected links to sources that can help you make the case to put a stop to victim-blaming and start addressing what needs to be done to improve safety.

Click Here to Download the Letter Template
Below are some sources you can hyperlink or include when you submit your letter to publications.

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