Stories from the Walking College: Kelli McIntyre Highlights Walkable Community Goals in the Struggle for Health Justice

In an effort to show you exactly the types of advocates and community leaders that join and graduate from the America Walks Walking College, we’ve produced an in-depth series of stories featuring some of our past Walking College Fellows and the details of the people-first work they’ve gone on to activate in their local neighborhoods.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Walking College program or possibly applying, reading these stories is a nice way to get an intimate read on this deeply educational, fun, relationship-based leadership program – straight from the Fellows themselves.

Check out and download Kelli McIntyre’s story below.

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The Walking College is a six-month, distance-learning fellowship. Participants, paired with experienced leaders in the field and peers working in similar capacities across North America, learn about the historical underpinnings of the car-centric transportation landscape and the basics of design and policy that foster safe, inclusive, accessible design for non-motorized transportation while developing essential leadership skills. Over the course of the program, Fellows also create a blueprint for taking action on a particular problem in their community.