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Our activities / coalitions

There is a walking revolution taking place all across America. America Walks is proud to stand with local, state and national organizations fighting to change federal policy on walking and walkability.  Please check back for regular updates on the work we are doing as part of our membership with the leading coalitions fighting to make America a great place to walk.

America Walks is a proud member of the following groups and coalitions.

  • Every Body Walk! Collaborative
    The Every Body Walk! Collaborative is a partnership of diverse organizations dedicated to making walking and walkability a valued part of every community.
  • Partnership for Active Transportation
    The Partnership for Active Transportation represents public health, health care, real estate and transportation organizations dedicated to active transportation.
  • National Complete Streets Coalition
    A nationwide movement launched by the National Complete Streets Coalition in 2004, Complete Streets integrates people and place in the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of our transportation networks.
  • Transportation Equity Caucus
    Through a coalition of partner organizations, the Transportation Equity Caucus is charting a new course for our nation to ensure all people can participate and prosper.