Technical Assistance Program

Technical Assistance Program

Launched November 2019

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National Walking Movement Leader

America Walks has been a leader of the national walking movement, since our formation in 1997.

In that time, we have connected thousands of local pedestrian advocates with each other, and with a wealth of resources that have empowered them (and continue to empower them) to make their communities safe, accessible, and enjoyable places to walk and be physically active. In the last few years alone, we have delivered hundreds of informational webinars, trained more than 90 Walking College Fellows, facilitated a dozen local and state workshops, and convened three National Walking Summits.

In response to increased demand for our services, beyond the capacity of our limited funding from grants and donations, we are now launching a new “Technical Assistance for Walkable Communities” program, based on a fee-for-service model.

Technical Assistance for Walkable Communities

America Walks has always provided technical assistance at no charge, and we will continue to do so. Every month, we receive questions about starting walking groups, getting a crosswalk installed, passing a Vision Zero policy, and more. And, every month, we respond with advice, best practices, case studies, and connections with other practitioners – this is our principal role at the heart of the national walking movement.

In addition to this free “rapid-response” service, we are now offering more intensive, site-specific Technical Assistance (T.A.) solutions to government, non-profit, and business clients. Unique among planning and design firms, and with more than 20 years of experience in advocacy campaigns and policy development, America Walks’ T.A. services are based on proven strategies for engaging community stakeholders, building local walking movements, and developing the political will that leads to positive change. Because we believe that walking is a basic right, we implement inclusive programs, develop equitable plans and public policies, and design fully accessible projects.

With professional skill sets in planning, public health, community organizing, local government, transportation systems, education, and research, America Walks’ staff and key partners offer a range of services, including Community WALKshops, Walkability Audit Training, and Neighborhood Pop-Ups.

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Click Here to Download the Technical Assistance Brochure