Walkability Wins – Coast to Coast

Two people walking on sidewalk

America Walks prides itself on working alongside grassroots and community efforts across the country! There are countless organizations who put in the work on a daily basis to make advances for safe, equitable, accessible, and enjoyable places to walk and move. Our goal is to create a space to highlight small or large wins related to the walkability & mobility movement and hopefully inspire others in the process. We look forward to regularly announcing “Walkability Wins” and uplifting the accomplishments of grassroots organizers in the community!

Do you know of a “win” happening near you? Send it our way so we can share the work and promote the movement.

Los Angeles, California

LA has had quite a week in the streets! The car-centric city just banned cars from a highly trafficked Griffith Park Road. This is an area where many cyclists, runners, hikers, and pedestrians often occupy. The goal is to reclaim public spaces to improve walkability, let community members feel welcomed, and ensure safety. LA officials and local advocates are taking preventative measures to achieve these goals during this pilot program. 

Los Angeles, California (again)

As LA continues to enable their public transit plans, the Los Angeles public transit agency announced the Rail to Tail Active Transportation Project that will be completed in 2024. This will create a 5.5 mile car-free route along the Blue line Slauson Station and with that comes landscaping improvements to increase shade and tree canopy, drought-tolerant plants, emergency call boxes, etc. 

Portland, Oregon

Portland increases downtown parking fees to fund transit passes. The .20 cent spike is a way to address the climate crisis by reducing driving while also extending opportunities for low-income residents to participate in subsidized transit and bike share passes as a means for daily transportation.


The Massachusetts Senate passes the Transportation Bond Bill, which includes low-income fares. City officials and local advocates continue to push to get this bill to the finish line!

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