Walkability Wins – Part Nine

Walkability Win in Austin, TX
(From left:) 2022 Walking College graduates, Priya Patel and Addie Walker, alongside Walking College Mentor, Heyden Walker, holding a copy of their newly released children’s book.

We’re back with another round of Walkability Wins. This week we’re showcasing the movement by highlighting more places across the country advancing pedestrian-friendly agendas.

San Jose, California

San Jose’s City Council takes on climate change by taking on cars on the road, the highest percentage of emissions. They plan on doing so by reforming outdated minimum parking policies and requiring developers to implement sustainable transportation. If the policy passes, it will be a step towards San Jose’s goal to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Anchorage, AK

Another parking reform win! In the City of Anchorage, Alaska the Assembly voted unanimously to abolish parking minimums 12-0. This vote came with little debate across the political spectrum and sponsors of the bill recognized that Anchorage already has too much parking – leaving the city with a housing shortage. “There is broad consensus that can be found around the issue of wanting to support housing in Anchorage to address the housing shortage,” said Daniel Volland, who championed the bill.

Austin, TX

Our 2022 Walking College graduates, Priya Patel and Addie Walker, alongside our Walking College Mentor, Heyden Walker, released a children’s book! The idea was to find ways to start dialogs with kids to understand walkability and livable communities in a way that was easier to understand and digest. These books are sold locally but will be available online soon. Stay tuned for updates!

Detroit, MI

New mural alert! Thanks to mural artist, Habacuc Samuel Bessiake, for adding incredible art of Joe Louis to The Hamtramck section of the Joe Louis Greenway. The greenway project will be 27.5 miles that connect parks and neighborhoods across 23 communities, and four cities. Get this, you can travel safely without a car throughout the entire recreational pathway! The new trails and on-street bike lanes will link to existing trails, in addition to fitness stations, open lawns, playgrounds, etc. The project anticipates the completion of various segments in 2023 and 2024.

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