Walkability Wins – Part Seventeen

Two people helping a young child ride a bike in the middle of the street.

A new roundup of Walkability Wins. This week we’re showcasing the movement by highlighting more places across the country advancing pedestrian-friendly agendas.

San Diego, CA

San Diego is creating a pedestrian-only promenade. The city has put up removable bollards to close seven intersections to car traffic from K Street to Broadway on Fifth Avenue to create small plazas from lunchtime to closing time. This is a plan that has been in the works for decades and they are hoping to do similar projects on Normal Street.

Boston, MA

The Green Line Extension Community Path, which is a path for walking, rolling and cycling opened this June. The path is part of a longer pathway in Central Massachusetts. This extension has been a project in planning since 2017. The path connects downtown Boston and Somerville neighborhoods to the Alewife area in Cambridge. 

Howard County, MD

Howard County is making huge investments. Recently, they approved $13.2 million for Complete Streets projects. The money will go to multimodal transportation projects, including pedestrian safety improvements on some large corridors, as well as improving the safety and access of all intersections and corners in Howard County.


The Washington State Department of Health announced a free self-directed six-week walking program called “Walk with Ease”. The program provides a guide and helps people keep track of their walks. The guide shows people how to walk safely and develop a walking plan that meets their needs.

United States

State departments of transportation (DOTs) are increasingly helping local governments to set lower speed limits. Some of these strategies include lower speed limits in urbanized area, but will require road design changes in the long run. This is being done in response to concerns about traffic safety, including pedestrian deaths. Some state DOTs like Minnesota and Massachusetts have already begun making changes.

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