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Walkable Communities Are Healthy Communities (EBWC Social Justice Toolkit)

This is a section of the Every Body Walk! Social Justice Toolkit. For more on the Toolkit, please click here.

Walkable communities work to promote healthy communities in a variety of ways. The benefits of walkable places to physical and mental health are well-documented and should be afforded everyone. Walkable communities also provide opportunities for strengthening community engagement.

This section will:

  • Provide talking points and messaging tools to talk about how the health benefits that come from walking communities help to also foster equitable communities
  • Share examples of how activities and resources to promote community health through walkability efforts can have a positive impact on social justice concerns
  • Offer existing tools and resources that can be used in the efforts to promote healthy communities in the frame of creating equitable communities
  • Demonstrate how healthy communities are equitable communities
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