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Walkable Communities Are Safe Communities (EBWC Social Justice Toolkit)

This is a section of the Every Body Walk! Social Justice Toolkit. For more on the Toolkit, please click here.

Walkable communities work to address safety as it relates to the built environment as well as other concerns, such as street harassment and violence. Efforts to create safe places for people to be physically active and to encourage the use of walking as a viable transportation option promote safety for people who walk as well as the community as a whole. The development of safe spaces for walking can have the added benefit of engaging stakeholders including law enforcement, elected officials and other community activists around broader safety concerns.

This section will:

  • Provide talking points and messaging tools to talk about how building safe, walkable spaces offers benefits that extend throughout a community;
  • Share tools, resources, and examples of ways that the creation of safe, walkable communities can be used to address issues of equity;
  • Demonstrate the strength of safe walkable communities in promoting equity and address existing disparities.
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