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Walkable Communities Provide Opportunities to Work Together (EBWC Social Justice Toolkit)

This is a section of the Every Body Walk! Social Justice Toolkit. For more on the Toolkit, please click here.

The work to create walkable communities and to promote physical activity provides opportunities to engage with otherwise marginalized segments of the community. Activities that are used to promote walkable communities can be used to bring new partners and allies to the conversation. Additionally, efforts to develop new walkabilty efforts should have members from all parts of the community as part of the planning and decision-making process. Communities should use the opportunities presented by work to address concerns of walkability to engage and inform community members in conversations on broader topics.

This section will:

  • Provide talking points and messaging tools to talk about how efforts to create walkable communities create valuable opportunities to engage and inform all community members
  • Share examples of how activities and resources to promote walkable communities can be used to engage all members of a community and to recruit new partners and advocates
  • Offer existing tools and resources that can be used in the efforts to engage new partners and allies in the walking movement
  • Demonstrate how communities that engage members on issues of walkability can become more equitable communities
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