Walking College 2016- Module #2 “Developing Leadership”

Monday, June 27 – Friday, July 8

Learning Objectives

After completing this Module, Fellows will be able to:

  • Describe and practice leadership qualities, and conduct self-evaluation
  • Discuss systemic discrimination and equity, and practice cultural competence
  • Engage diverse audiences, facilitate discussions about the benefits of walkable communities, and create a shared vision
  • Establish an organizational or coalition structure, write winning grant applications, and fund-raise
  • Develop the outline of a strategic plan for your organization or coalition
Study Materials

Read or view the following study materials (asterisked items* are provided primarily as reference sources, and may be skim-read; total estimated time, 5 hours):

Community Activities

Complete the following activities (estimated time, 2 hours):

  • Complete the Collaborative Leadership Self Assessment Questionnaires
  • Identify and research a non-profit organization in your community with a mission unrelated to transportation
  • Interview a board or staff member with this organization about its funding, governance, and/or strategic plan
Webinar: “Developing Leadership for Walkable Communities”

  • Speaker: Guy Williams (Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice)
  • Summary: On June 30th, Guy Williams, a national leader in environmental justice, will share his expertise on developing leadership with this year’s Walking College Fellows and a general America Walks audience. In Webinar 2 of the Walking College series, titled “Developing Leadership for Walkable Communities,” Guy will recall his experiences in the early days of the environmental justice movement and describe his realization that certain people suffer injustices related to where they live, because the rules were set up that way. He will explain that, if you want to improve outcomes, you need to understand the regulatory framework and then work with allies and non-allies to change it. Guy is passionate about walking and experienced in the physical infrastructure and connectivity that create walkable communities. A member of the Board of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy for 13 years, he served as Chair from 2013 to 2016.
  • Additional Resources from Webinar 
Discussion Forum

Make notes related to the following prompts and be prepared to share your thoughts during the discussion forum (estimated time, 2 hours):

  • Prompt #1: What do you understand about “collaborative leadership?”
  • Prompt #2: What are the key steps to take to develop an effective strategic plan?
  • Prompt #3: Discuss different types of funding available for your work.