New Advocates

Walking College 2017- Module #2 (May 22nd-June 11th) “Developing Leadership”

Monday, May 22nd – Sunday, June 11th

Learning Objectives

After completing this Module, Fellows will be able to:

  • Describe and practice leadership qualities, and conduct self-evaluation
  • Discuss systemic discrimination and equity, and practice cultural competence
  • Engage diverse audiences, facilitate discussions about the benefits of walkable communities, and create a shared vision
  • Establish an organizational or coalition structure, write winning grant applications, and fund-raise
  • Develop the outline of a strategic plan for your organization or coalition
Study Materials

Read or view the following study materials (asterisked items*** are provided primarily as reference sources, and may be skim-read; total estimated time, 8-12 hours):

Discussion Forums

Make notes related to the following prompts and be prepared to share your thoughts during the discussion forum (estimated time, 4-6 hours):

May 22nd – 26th: Review and discussion of “The Curb-Cut Effect” (Fellows only)

May 29th – June 2nd: Facilitated discussion (led by Mentors)

  • Prompt #1: What do you understand about “collaborative leadership?”
  • Prompt #2: What are the key steps to take to develop an effective strategic plan?
  • Prompt #3: Discuss different types of funding available for your work.

June 5th – 9thOpen-mic. and WAP discussion (Fellows only)

  • Prompt #1: Is the Walking College meeting you expectations?
  • Prompt #2: Do you feel the work load is too heavy or about right?
  • Prompt #3: What is the structure of your WAP outline?
Community Activities

Complete the following activities (estimated time, 3-5 hours):

  • Complete the Collaborative Leadership Self Assessment Questionnaires
  • Identify and research a non-profit organization in your community with a mission unrelated to transportation
  • Interview a board or staff member with this organization about its funding, governance, and/or strategic plan
  • Referring to the WAP Guidance and Model Plan documents, develop an outline of your Walking Action Plan (WAP)