New Advocates

Walking College 2017- Module #3 (June 12th-July 2nd) “Building a Movement”

Monday, June 12th – Sunday, July 2nd

Learning Objectives

After completing this Module, Fellows will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively and build trusting relationships
  • Recruit and inspire other local advocates to join the movement
  • Organize public events and programs that encourage people to engage in walking
  • Design and implement communication campaigns that emphasize the need for improved walkability
  • Develop a draft Action Plan for future events, programs, and communications
Archived Webinar: ” Friends and Allies of the Walking Movement”

View this archived webinar, which was first broadcast in 2016 (1 hour):

  • Speakers: Eliana Meirowitz Nelson (Hadassah), Simran Noor (Center for Social Inclusion), and Allison Hoit Tubbs (National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability)
  • Summary: At the 2015 National Walking Summit, keynote speaker Ron Sims reminded us that though we may work as individuals, we are part of a larger walking movement and stronger than we realize. What can we do to expand this movement? Join America Walks as we explore possible new partners in the work towards making America a great place to walk, learning and growing with organizations, industries and communities that are already in step with the walking movement. This webinar will hear from three organizations that are friends and allies of the walking movement. Participants will learn about the work of these organizations and how walking plays a role.
  • To watch the recording of the webinar, click here. 
Study Materials 

Read or view the following study materials (asterisked items*** are provided primarily as reference sources, and may be skim-read; total estimated time, 8-12 hours):

Discussion Forums

Make notes related to the following prompts and be prepared to share your thoughts during the discussion forum (estimated time, 4-6 hours):

June 12th – 16th: Review and discussion of “‘Zero Traffic Deaths’ Movement Gaining Speed in Major U.S. Cities”  (Fellows only)

June 19th – 23rd: Facilitated discussion (led by Mentors)

  • Prompt #1: Describe existing or potential members of your walkable community partnership
  • Prompt #2: What do you understand by the word “authentic” in the phrase “authentic community engagement?
  • Prompt #3: What plans do you have (if any) for organizing a “Walk to School” event on October 5 (International Walk to School Day)?

June 26th – 30thOpen-mic. and WAP discussion (Fellows only)

  • Prompt #1: Has this module given you new ideas about community partners to engage for your WAP?
  • Prompt #2: Has this module given you new ideas about events, programs and/or communication campaigns for your WAP?
  • Prompt #3: What are your plans for next week’s “mid-term break?”
Community Activities

Complete the following activities (estimated time, 3-5 hours):

  • Make a list of potential new partners for your local walking movement and contact some of them to discuss their interest
  • Create a task list and timeline for organizing a “Walk to School” event on October 4, 2017 (International Walk to School Day)
  • Write an “Op-Ed” article about walkability for your local newspaper; use your Walking College experience as a hook