Walking College 2019 FAQs

Have a question about the Walking College? Check here first for some insights on FAQs. For more information, contact Emilie Bahr at ebahr@americawalks.org.

What is the cost to participate in the program?

There is a $100 fee assessed all fellows upon acceptance to the Walking College. There is no application fee. You will not be charged unless you are offered and accept a fellowship slot.

What are the basic requirements of the program?

The program runs for roughly 6 months. As a fellow, you will be expected to complete six program modules, including study materials (consisting of readings, watching instructional videos, completing community assignments), participating in two hour-long, online discussion forums per module and one 30-minute mentoring session per module. You will also be expected to have completed a Walking Action Plan for your community of choice by the end of the program and to attend the Walking College Work Day in early fall.

Will Walking College curricula be available to the public?

All study materials provided Walking College fellows will be accessible by anyone with Internet access.

Can I take a vacation during the course of the Walking College?

Successful Walking College graduates have occasionally taken a vacation while the Walking College has been in session. Missing more than two online discussion forums is highly discouraged, however, and may be grounds for dismissal from the college. It is up to fellows to alert Walking College officials to any planned absences ahead of time, to make arrangements to account for any time taken off for vacation and to keep pace with assignments.

Multiple discussion sessions will be held each week. Where possible, Walking College fellows should alert Walking College Manager Emilie Bahr ahead of any scheduled absences from discussion forums and attempt to attend another group’s scheduled session.

When will interactive video discussion sessions be held?

Fellows will be assigned one of several work groups according to geography. After they are placed into a group, there will be a poll sent out to gauge what discussion time works best. We will attempt to have mentor sessions take place at roughly the same time as discussion forums each module.

What is a Walking Action Plan?

Walking plans are concise outlines of a particular walking-related problem you aim to address in your community along with strategies for tackling them.

Past fellows have worked to establish complete streets policies in their towns, promoted wayfinding efforts to make it easier to get around on foot, and worked to establish community walking programs through their WAPs. You can find examples of previous fellows’ Walking Action Plans here. You can also check out this template aimed at helping fellows put together a successful WAP.

How often are discussion forums held?

Fellows are expected to take part in two, hour-long discussion forums per module and one, one-on-one, 30-minute session with their personal mentors. There will be discussion forums held at a variety of times based on what works best for each group. Fellows unable to make their assigned group will be allowed to join another group as necessary.