Walking College Fellows are Changing Their Communities for The Better

Over the past five years, America Walks has graduated 118 Walking College Fellows with deep knowledge of the policy and environmental changes required to create safe, accessible, equitable and enjoyable places to walk and move.  Each fellow developed a detailed and feasible walking action plan (WAP) that they started implementing in their home communities, covering 41 states, 2 Canadian provinces, the District of Columbia, and the island nation of Palau. Survey results of the first two classes indicate very promising community outcomes and underscore the value of providing intensive training and mentorship to emerging community leaders. 

Fellows’ participation in the 2015 and 2016 Walking College reported a total of 441 defined outcomes ranging from organizing a community walkability audit, forming a new partnership or coalition , delivering a social media campaign, to getting sections of sidewalk constructed.  According to the Fellows, their Walking College experience contributed “entirely” or “mostly” to 160 (36%) of these outcomes.  That is over a third of these community changes would not have happened without Walking College fellows. 

 A surprising outcome was the total accomplishment of WAP’s primary goals by a  few fellows including:

Most significantly, the Walking College led to policy change in at least 20 communities, including the adoption of Vision Zero policies in Austin, TX and Blair County, PA, adoption of Complete Streets policies in 6 other towns; plus 12 other related policies (traffic calming, reduced speed limits, etc.).  The entire report provides more details on the places and policies that Walking College fellows are changing. 

Their efforts and resulting improvements are providing the community foundation for the continuous development of safe, accessible walkable places and can ensure that activity friendly routes are available in every community.  We celebrate the impact of the first two years of the Walking College and look forward to continuing to document how these Fellows are changing the world.

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