New Advocates

Walking College Walking Action Plans

As part of the Walking College program, fellows complete Walking Action Plans outlining their vision for walkability. For an overview of the Walking Action Plans development process, click here. Below are a few sample plans from past fellows.

Gretchen Boyum, 2018: director of education and programming at the Salina Art Center; goal was to facilitate 2-3 walking audits in neighborhoods adjacent to Downtown Salina, which will help build awareness and educate participants on pedestrian issues in Salina. Download the plan here.

Theresa Roach, 2018: Active Communities Manager at the Crim Fitness Foundation in Flint, Michigan; goal was to increase pedestrian and bicyclist traffic safety within the City of Flint. Download the plan here.

Nacole Smith, 2018: Assistant Manager at Maryland Department of Health; goal was to increase pedestrian safety at intersection of Eutaw St. and Preston St. Mount Vernon neighborhood in Maryland. Download the plan here.