Walking Through Art and Connection

photo of Faith in front of her drawing of a cityscape

By Faith Garrett

Faith was the winner of the Teen Art Competition hosted by East Goshen Township Parks & Recreation, funded by 2022 America Walks GM Community Change Grant.

Exploring the Beauty in Everyday Walks

If someone asked you to picture a beautiful view, what would be the first thing to come to mind? Some might think of an open green field with wildflowers, and another might imagine waves crashing down on the beach, with a sunset in the distance. 

After creating this drawing, I came to the realization that people dismiss the beautiful simplicity of our daily lives. I wanted to showcase this through my artwork.

When I initially read the prompt for walkability, I didn’t think much of it. After finishing, this drawing illustrated the simple beauty of an everyday setting. This is shown in a mother holding her daughter. It’s displayed in the intricately designed buildings along the street. It’s demonstrated in the beauty of people just living. This image also captures the essence of connectedness. It extends to shared smiles and the simple joy of strolling through familiar surroundings. This piece aspires not only to reveal beauty in simplicity but to celebrate our daily existence.

Perspective Matters

The process of making a perspective drawing takes a lot of preparation and precision. When it came to the structure of the buildings and streets, every line needed to be congruent with its vantage point. Even with the smallest inconsistency, the perspective can begin to look amiss. This is why drawing the sketch is a crucial stage and can take up a significant amount of time. This illustration taught me that to create something is to find importance in each step. I’m the kind of person to just jump right in and get to the details, and while doing so have missed the significance of the drawing process as a whole. This prompt has demonstrated the importance of having patience, and finding value even in the beginning stages.

I’m so grateful to be given the opportunity to draw and share this with other people. Not only has this been an incredible and liberating experience, but I have learned several essential lessons along the way. It allowed me to express and convey my message clearly, while still being out of my comfort zone. I only hope that this artwork inspires others and reveals the beauty in simplicity I see, to every other person who views it as well.