Washington, DC: Walking Meetings

Dr. Ted Eytan, a Permanente Federation director at Kaiser Permanente, has been a big proponent of walking meetings for years. Dr. Eytan has not only integrated them into his office operations, but has also published instructions on his blog,, on how others can do the same. The inspiration came from an office walking challenge where employees were handed free pedometers.  Coworkers decided to rack up steps on their pedometers by walking during company meetings instead of sitting around a table.

Dr. Eytan continued the practice long after the end of that original walking challenge. When he began a new position at Kaiser Permanente in Washington, DC, he instituted walking meetings there as well. Dr. Eytan’s support of walking meetings is not an exception within Kaiser Permanente, but an example of a sea change both within the institution and the country as a whole. Kaiser Permanente now endorses walking meetings as a standard business practice and evens funds a national education campaign, called Every Body Walk!, to promote walking in and outside the work place.

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