How to Take on Harmful Jaywalking Laws

Kansas City and Virginia recently decriminalized jaywalking and the California legislature right now is considering the same action They are driven by data and lived experiences that show BIPOC community members bear the burden of police enforcement at disproportionate rates, with the harm outweighing any alleged safety benefits. America Walks supports these efforts because safety and equity demand not unjust enforcement, but investments to undo the street and road designs (often forced on BIPOC communities) that are hostile to pedestrians. Could your state or city be next to follow suit and set this critical precedent? We hope so.

This webinar will equip you with:

  1. Practical lessons, knowledge and tools to advocate for and organize around removing jaywalking laws and enforcement in your community.
  2. Intimate and timely strategies straight from the leaders/advocates who have recently worked to repeal jaywalking laws in their region and those who are in the thick of it.
  3. The nuances of considering place, authentic community engagement and how to gather and use convincing data for your case.

Join host and moderator Charles T. Brown, award-winning expert in planning and policy and founder/principal of Equitable Cities, and expert panel members working at the state and local level to decriminalize jaywalking.

We’ll highlight how you can best invest in these issues within your community and why it is vitally important to achieving mobility justice.