New Advocates

What’s Happening at the Walking College? Webinar

The final webinar in America Walks’ “Walking College” series features the Walking College Fellows themselves. Hailing from 22 different states and the Pacific island nation of Palau, this collection of community advocates, public health professionals, planners, and others have one thing in common – they are all passionate about improving walkability in their own neighborhoods and cities.

Each Fellow is motivated by a different concern. Lindsey Wooten envisions a vibrant main street in her community of Wayne, MI, with currently-vacant buildings being occupied by exciting new businesses. Meanwhile, in Denver, Lisa Diaz works on equitable solutions to encourage safer streets for Denver’s pedestrians. Jim Palmquist looks at what were farm highways that now link separated residential neighborhoods, schools and businesses in his Pennsylvania township and sees the need for walkway connections, while Joyce Husseini works to restore walking to the lives of America’s children, one school at a time.

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