Women of the Walking Movement: Paulina Baeza

Paulina Baeza is a Transportation Planner for INCOG, Tulsa’s Metropolitan Planning Organization. She says the needs of modern women have often been overlooked when developing cities, and it becomes evident when they are forced to overcome barriers like transportation or the limited availability of uses and services such as daycare facilities, grocery stores, employment hubs, schools, wellness centers and affordable housing. She says having to include long commuting times and car dependency to have access to opportunities and much needed resources takes a toll on women’s lives and schedules, which is why their perspective becomes an indispensable piece of the planning process.

“…As a Hispanic woman, I also advocate for more representation in organizations, departments and institutions that serve our community and strive for equity and opportunity access for all.”

Paulina is witnessing more and more women joining the lines of planning, either as professionals or community advocates.