Join Minnesota Walks at 2017 National Walking Summit

Minnesotans want and need safe and desirable places to walk and roll, whether to get to everyday destinations or for leisure. Walking is an essential part of our transportation system and an important contributor to the health of our residents. That’s why the Minnesota Department of Transportation and Minnesota Department of Health have enthusiastically collaborated over the past three years to create the first statewide comprehensive document, Minnesota Walks, a framework for making walking and rolling safe, convenient and desirable for all in Minnesota – a vision that is unique to only a handful of states in the country. An active and robust engagement process informed this framework and with the input from 6,000 plus diverse voices, strategies were developed for our partners at the state, regional and local levels. MnDOT and MDH are committed to continuing this work and engaging with residents to make it easier and safer to walk and roll in Minnesota to benefit the health of everyone and our transportation systems. This commitment is just one of the reasons the 2017 National Walking Summit is headed to St. Paul, MN. Be sure to join their efforts by submitting an application to be part of the 2017 National Walking Summit.