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America Walks Hosts Workshop in Pennsylvania

On Thursday, September 21st, America Walks’ Ian Thomas and Project for Public Spaces’ Gary Toth facilitated an Action-Planning Walkability Workshop in Harrisburg, PA.   A targeted group of participants included representatives of PennDOT, Pennsylvania Dept. of Public Health, Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources, Dept. of Community and Economic Development, regional planning agencies, the Pennsylvania Downtown Center, and the Pennsylvania chapters of the American Planning Association and AARP.  The purpose of this follow-up to last year’s “Pennsylvania State Collaborative Workshop on Walkable Communities” was to develop consensus around a collaborative action plan with defined implementation steps, accountability for accomplishing them, and a specific timeline.  By the end of the workshop, a Steering Committee had been established and action plans for four Implementation Teams, focused on Research and Messaging, Community Outreach and Communications, Community/Professional Training, and PennDOT Connects, had been agreed upon.