Walkability Wins – Part Fifteen

Mother and Child walking with stroller

A new roundup of Walkability Wins. This week we’re showcasing the movement by highlighting more places across the country advancing pedestrian-friendly agendas.

Richmond, VA

Richmond city council voted to eliminate parking minimums! Parking minimums dictated how many off-street parking spaces needed based on floor area or number of apartment units. Now, property owners and developers will get to decide what suits them.   

Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA has recently made the city’s default policy to ban turning right on red in an effort to increase pedestrian safety and reduce collisions. This applies to all newly installed or repaired traffic signals. By the end of the year, SDOT expects to have 150 intersections with a no turn on red.

Los Angeles, CA

The Los Angeles City Council’s Transportation Committee unanimously approved a motion to install speed bumps and bolster its crossing guard program to improve student safety. The Council expressed urgency that they use all the tools in their toolbox to ensure safety at all schools across LA.

Cincinnati, OH

The city of Cincinnati announced it is establishing an in-house team dedicated to exclusively making streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists. The team will be responsible for designing and implementing infrastructure improvements. This comes after months of advocacy to end traffic violence and deaths in Cincinnati. 

St. Louis, MO

Lots of good things happening in St Louis and we are here for it.

  1. The St. Louis Safer Streets Bill was signed on March 1, 2023, marking the single largest investment the city has ever made into street safety and infrastructure.
  2. The City’s first-ever Calm Street is now nearing completion!
  3. Trailnet’s work in the historic Ville and Greater Ville neighborhoods culminated with the publication of the Mobility Infrastructure Report. Now, Trailnet will use the data to advocate for improved walkability in one of America’s most significant historic Black neighborhoods. 

Keep up with these developments with our friends over at Trailnet.

Salina, KS

The city of Salina, Kansas, is finally breaking ground on a piece of the Smoky Hill River trail project. The first section of the trail is being cleared now with the path work to begin shortly, this happening near the Salina YMCA. The Smoky Hill River Restoration project was passed in 2016, but work has been slow over the past few years – so it’s nice to finally see some forward motion. The project will be amazing when finished!

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