WEBINAR: From Plans to Equitable Change: Community Partnerships to Encourage Walkability

How to get your concerns to intersect with city plans

Planners, whether urban, transportation, housing, or environmental, have a tremendous impact on the physical and built environment we live in. How can other agency professionals, elected officials, and community members influence planning processes to get more walkable, accessible, and equitable communities? The Centers for Diseases Control and America Walks asked the American Planning Association to help develop strategies for working with planners to promote physical activity. They came up with fifteen specific short, medium, and long-term approaches to create new everyday destinations or reimagine the existing destinations… Join us to learn more about how to influence the planning process, building cross-sectoral collaborations, and elevating community values in the built environment. 

Community Planning Webinar

With every webinar we host, our goal is to provide attendees with new information and knowledge to walk away with and perhaps apply in their own communities or day-to-day lives.

In this webinar we are hoping guests will take with them these learning objectives:

  • Non-planners will learn more about planning processes and how to intersect with them to create more walkable, accessible, and equitable communities.
  • Learn the land use and design approaches that communities can use to improve walkability
  • Learn how to collaborate with planners and community partners for creating everyday destinations
  • Identify relationships between activity-friendly routes and everyday destinations.

Panelists include:

Like all of our webinars, this will be recorded and available after the fact. But you’ll want to join in real-time for the opportunity to ask questions and live-tweet along with us. You’ll also receive ample resources and additional materials if you RSVP. 

Join in the conversation Tuesday, June 7th, at 2pm ET to learn about how to build intersectional relationships across all sectors in a community.

Watch our May webinar here: