WEBINAR: WALK – Slow Down, Wake Up, and Connect at 1-3 Miles per Hour

With Author Jonathon Stalls

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Join America Walks for a conversation with Jonathon Stalls about his book WALK: Slow Down, Wake Up, and Connect at 1-3 Miles Per Hour. Jonathon spent 242 days walking across the United States in 2010 and has continued to move alongside thousands of people for thousands of miles. While most of us won’t walk or roll across the country, the deep wisdom and insights that Stalls receives from the people, land, and animals he meets on his pilgrimage have profound impacts on each of us. In WALK, he shares how walking deepened his relationship with himself as a gay man, offering deep and clarifying emotional medicine. He confronts the systemic racism, classism, and ableism that shape and reshape the communities he walks through. And he invites readers to become awakened activists, to begin healing our culture’s profound separation from the natural world.

Jonathon identifies as a ‘walking artist’ with his creative project, Intrinsic Paths. He also founded Walk2Connect in 2012 and will share about its new home as a program of America Walks. His work currently moves in the realms of pen and ink drawing, writing and poetry, storytelling with the Pedestrian Dignity project, economic and racial justice organizing, training walk event leaders, guiding meditative practices, and creating long-distance walking routes.

Learning Objectives

Webinar participants should leave the webinar with an increased understanding of the following:

  • Lessons from Walking Across America
  • Learn about Jonathon’s blend of art and advocacy
  • Learn about Pedestrian Dignity and the power of social media
  • Learn about Walk2Connect as a program of America Walks

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Like all of our webinars, this will be recorded and available after the fact. But you’ll want to join us in real-time if you can for the opportunity to ask questions of our guests and live-tweet along with us. You’ll also receive ample resources and additional materials if you RSVP.

Join us: Wednesday, May 24th
2:00pm – 3:00pm ET