America Walks has a new website! 

Two younger adults rolling and walking in the middle of an urban setting with a modern high rise building in the background. One person is using a wheelchair.

We’re excited about the new logo, greater usability and streamlined navigation and content – but there’s an even deeper reason we’re excited about it.

Our mission is to support local advocacy and help raise up community voices on the importance of walkable, accessible, equitable places. A new website is a critical part of that effort.

Here’s how you can help us out in that mission:

  • Share the website and its content.
  • Propose content for our blog.  We want stories of your local work to demonstrate the depth and breadth of our movement.
  • Take our survey on organizations that include walkable accessible communities as one of their goals.

The more people join in and learn more about this movement, the more we can do together. Whether it’s reforming the federal manual that governs the design of local streets, working for funding, promoting mobility justice, sharing new ideas, or helping skill up advocates, America Walks is working for places that treat people with dignity and respect as they seek to move about their communities.

While we face huge challenges, we know that this movement has momentum. Thank you for the work you have done so far, and help us to keep growing this movement.

America Walks