Walkability Wins Part Thirty-Two: Community-Led Change For A Better Future

a child and father walk hand in hand on a sidewalk

A new roundup of Walkability Wins. This month we’re showcasing the movement by highlighting more places across the country who are transforming mobility and advancing pedestrian-friendly agendas.

Rochester, New York

Rochester’s Inner Loop highway removal is setting a remarkable example for cities across the country. The first phase of removal has revitalized downtown with new housing, businesses, and public spaces. As phase two commences, community voices are shaping the vision, ensuring equitable development that heals past injustices and reconnecting neighborhoods severed by the highway. With steadfast leadership and grassroots collaboration, like Hinge Neighbors, Rochester is paving the way for inclusive urban renewal that reconnects neighborhoods divided by past highway construction.

Shout out to Hinge Neighbors for this amazing win!

Los Angeles, California

Paving the way for accessible mobility for young people, Los Angeles Metro Board of Directors made the Metro’s GoPass program permanent. What started off as a model program piloted by Move LA, the program provides free rides for students countywide and is the largest fareless student, approximately 1.15 million students, transit program in the US. This initiative exemplifies the shift towards equitable, sustainable transportation solutions that prioritize youth and reduce barriers. By paving the way to cultivate a culture of transit use from an early age, the benefits of this program are huge. 

Shout out to Move LA for this amazing win!

Elm Grove, Wisconsin

The community group LEGACY The Pathway Project in Elm Grove, WI is to bring awareness for support, community involvement and funding ideas to complete a 1989 proposal to provide connectivity via off-road pathway system to schools, village park and downtown. A short term solution for an on-street shoulder walkway next to Tonawanda Elementary school led to the construction of Highland Drive pathway. Currently, the Gebhardt pathway was completed last fall and a new pathway section is under progress. 

Shoutout to Elm Grove Pathway Project for this amazing win!

Las Vegas, Nevada

The $250M Maryland Parkway Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project is set to begin construction this year, enhancing accessibility and safety along a 12.5-mile corridor. With 42 new transit shelters, upgraded pedestrian crossings, and sustainable buses, this project promises a cleaner, faster, and more frequent transit service. By 2026, Maryland Parkway will be transformed, benefiting 63,000 residents and over 100,000 workers, boosting economic growth and strengthening community identity.


Two Walking College Fellows wrote and received Safe Routes to School program funding for their schools. Governor Tim Walz announced that 35 Minnesota school districts will receive $1.4 million in grants to enhance traffic safety around schools as part of the Safe Routes to School. The initiative aims to make walking, biking, and other active transportation methods safer and more accessible for students, promoting their health and well-being. The grants cover planning, project implementation, and school district coordinator funding from July 2024 to 2027.

Shoutout to Laura and Chris for this amazing win!

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