WEBINAR: Dangerous by Design

Transportation Officials Discuss What’s Wrong With Arterials

Despite many fewer cars on the road during the pandemic, pedestrian fatalities increased 5% in 2020, and are projected to shoot up another 11% in 2021.  And, over the last ten years, more than 55,000 (disproportionately poor, Black, and brown) Americans have been killed while walking.

Dangerous by Design pedestrian fatalities graph
Photo Courtesy of Smart Growth America.

According to Smart Growth America’s recently published Dangerous by Design, the majority of these deaths are occurring on one specific roadway type. While “non-Interstate arterials” make up a small fraction of the nation’s transportation network, they are responsible for 60% of the pedestrian deaths.  We can make tremendous progress in addressing this problem if we understand the design parameters that make arterials so dangerous and start correcting them.

Dangerous by Design also reports that seven of the ten most deadly metro areas are in just two states – Florida and California.  Therefore, we have invited senior transportation officials from these states, both of whom have experience working to change the system from the inside, and the lead author of Dangerous by Design, to discuss what’s wrong with arterials and how to rebuild them to save lives!

Join us with panelists Toks Omishakin, Director of the California Department of Transportation and an America Walks Board Member, Billy Hattaway, former Director of Transportation for the City of Orlando, Florida, and Beth Osborne, Vice President of Transportation and Thriving Communities for Smart Growth America, and lead author of Dangerous by Design.

With every webinar we host, our goal is to provide attendees with new information and knowledge to walk away with and perhaps apply in their own communities and advocacy efforts.

In this webinar we are hoping guests will take with them these learning objectives:

  • Summarize key findings from Dangerous by Design, 2022
  • Explain why streets cannot be designed for both speed and safety
  • Describe effective speed management interventions for the most dangerous roads
  • Develop a strategic plan to advocate locally for safety over speed
Dangerous by Design Webinar graphic

Webinar – Dangerous by Design: Transportation Officials Discuss What’s Wrong With Arterials

Tune in September 22nd, 2022 at 2pm Eastern for an insightful conversation followed by a robust Q&A with aforementioned panelists as they bring expertise from their fields to discuss pedestrian fatalities and the recently released Dangerous by Design report.

Watch our previous webinar here:

Like all of our webinars, this will be recorded and available after the fact. But you’ll want to join us in real-time if you can for the opportunity to ask questions of our guests and live-tweet along with us. You’ll also receive ample resources and additional materials if you RSVP. 

Join us: Thursday, September 22nd

2pm – 3pm Eastern