WEBINAR: The Week Without Driving campaign

What it is, why it matters, and how to do it in your community

The Disability Mobility Initiative just completed its second and very successful Week Without Driving campaign to draw attention to the transportation needs of non-drivers. Participants included state legislators, county commissioners, even the head of the state DOT! How did they build the campaign, how did it affect participants, and how can you run this campaign in your community? Learn from the organizers and participants, and help the Week Without Driving to spread to more places next year!

Join us with Anna Zivarts, Disability Mobility Initiative, Jani Hitchen, Pierce County Washington Councilmember, Krystal Monteros, Disability Mobility Initiative Advocate, and Devin Silvernail, Policy Director for Councilmember Tammy Morales.

With every webinar we host, our goal is to provide attendees with new information and knowledge to walk away with and perhaps apply in their own communities and advocacy efforts.

In this webinar we are hoping guests will take with them these learning objectives:

  • The meaning and purpose of the campaign
  • How to recruit participants
  • How to raise awareness during the week
  • How it affected participants
  • The policy issues highlighted through the campaign 
  • How to leverage the campaign for policy changes
Week without driving campaign webinar graphic

The Week Without Driving Campaign

Tune in Thursday, October 20th at 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific for a robust conversation with a unique group of panelists around a movement meant to make folks think twice about the barriers that exist in our urban areas for those who don’t drive.

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Like all of our webinars, this will be recorded and available after the fact. But you’ll want to join us in real-time if you can for the opportunity to ask questions of our guests and live-tweet along with us. You’ll also receive ample resources and additional materials if you RSVP. 

Join us: Thursday, October 20th

2:00pm – 3:00pm ET