Join Us For Our Next Webinar: The Year In Walkability

Before you log off for the year, let’s have a conversation about the state of walkability — and get ready to start 2022 on the right track. Join us for a free one-hour conversation with some of the nation’s leaders in public health, infrastructure, and of course, walkability.

Where We’ve Been and What’s Next

The past year has been extraordinarily eventful for the issues we care about. New policy directions from the Biden administration. Changed behavior and changed streets due to the pandemic. Direct actions and proposals to confront racism in public spaces and public policies. A massive infrastructure bill. The promise of a National Roadway Safety Strategy.

It’s been a lot. But what really changed – and what didn’t? And what does it mean for 2022? How can we all get involved in continuing this work?

For our final webinar of the year, America Walks has brought together a panel from USDOT, CDC, local government, and local activism.

Guests include:

The hourlong discussion will cover walkability wins, what happened, and more importantly, what’s next.

The details are as follows:

December 21

11am – 12pm PST | 2pm – 3pm EST

Link here

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And in case you missed any of our previous webinars, be sure to check out the Webinars page. Our webinars are made possible by CDC and include diverse voices and perspectives on critical issues surrounding walkability.